Monday, February 8, 2010

valentine dilema

So, I want to give my sweetie a valentines he'll really like, but the man is impossible to shop for!! So I hoped you all would give ma a little advice:

I wanted to do a gift combo that hits all the "love laguages":
1. Touch
2. Personal Time
3. Service
4. Words of Affirmation and
5. Gifts

any suggestions? What would you like from your sweetie.. a gift certificate for dinner for 2? or a massage, maybe a good book?


Staci Dombroski said...

I love the idea of doing a present for the love languages! What a great idea. I wish I could give you a suggestion, but I am always at a loss too. The only thing my husband and I do for each other is give a "day off". That means one of us gets to sleep in and do whatever they want for the day without the kids. We do not get many breaks since we live so far away from family so it is perfect for us. Also, the other person makes all the favorite meals or picks them up at the restaurant of choice.

beej said...

Maybe it could be five (small) gifts--one to highlight each love language (in order of importance to him)? Dunno, that's tricky...but, my first thought was a massage.

Whew. Glad Anna and I don't really do V-Day...but our anniversary is on the 17th, so it's not like we get out of it totally. :)

South Beach Steve said...

How about a massage by you? A new music CD he will enjoy playing in the background. You could then tape words that describe his best qualities on the wall around the room where you will give the massage. Perhaps even see if you could buy some massage oil between now and then that is scented with a scent he enjoys.

Yum Yucky said...

massage please! but not from him. his hands are like a concrete vice. I'll take a professional massage, thank you very much.