Sunday, August 30, 2009

don't look at me... I'm hideous

ahhhhh... do you ever set a goal and then all the stars align to thwart your efforts... welcome to my nightmare. My scale has disappeared, as in, buy a new one - never coming back disappeared. SOOOO add that to, no one wants to help me with my pic, and you've got me. Not starting, loosing motivation, and frustrated.

ok - let's get it together, I'm not going to give up. Tomorrow we buy a new scale, and if necessary my 6 year old can take the pic.... right ?!

ahhhhh - why can't things just fall into place, sometimes you just want to hide under your bed, and forget all this weight loss crap!

Friday, August 28, 2009

60 days to fight!

tried to get started, couldn't even find my scale! my husband moved it...somewhere. AND in an attempt to take a picture of myself, was foiled by my serious inability to work my own timer...yesh - not a fabulous start BUT I will NOT be forward and try again. :)

oh and on a side note... found this little gem just tonight...
am I supposed to believe that women, had that baby?!? what the !@*? is going on when some can look like THAT so soon!? Genetics suck!!!!

Thursday, August 27, 2009

you man enough to challenge yourself?...

ok so I've hit a slump, a plateau, if you will. I need to re-commit. Adjust my approach... so I hit the net for some inspiration and who do I find? My new inspiration Chubby Stubby Kay ( don't know her - but I feel like she knows me! We share this quest for health and I LOVE what she has just done... 60 day challenge. (she stole it from this guy -

So... you know me, I'm in! Starting tomorrow I'm starting this plan. It's simple - you take a picture of yourself and weigh yourself (gulp) and then set specific goals for your next 60 days. Then you hit it hard... no excuses, celebrate every accomplishment, become a better you.

Anyone else game?

you are what you eat.... yikes!

ok... so confession time! The last 2 days have stunk! I really think what you start the day with... makes a HUGE difference.

So after my post on tues. I needed a little breakfast... my kashi cereal was all gone!!! yikes, so I tried some of my son's reeses pops creal. HUGE DIFFERENCE... first of all 1 bowl, not enough. I needed 2, AND soooo sweet! In fact I craved "crap" food all day long! I had french fries and a ch. burrito at lunch (not so good) and even at dinner I completely lost my whole heath mentality and sucked back some spaghetti and meat sauce WITH bread on the side!!! Not that all pasta is bad (in fact I mix organic white with wheat so my kids get more of the good stuff) but usually I would have a little pasta with a huge salad to balance it out. No salad, just toast - white toast to make it even worse!

And wed. was just as bad, although I HAVE been keeping my current goal (no carbs after7) I haven't been careful with the intake during the day. AND WORSE I haven't really ran much in the past 4 days... :(

So last night I took a long walk with a friend... truth be told we gabbed the whole time, and our pace stunk - but it was just what I needed to get back on the wagon. Today I have been doing pretty great, and I'm happy to on :)

(oh and the pic... consider it my gift to you - just a little added motivation ;)wink

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Toning your arms with Kim

Toning your arms with Kim

this is a pretty simple video of a great arm workout.... plus I totally want to look like her! You think she has had 3 kids?

Monday, August 24, 2009

this weeks goal.....

New goal... ok I had a lot of input on this one (most of it over the phone :) but I think the general concensus was a carb-related goal.... so here's where we're going this week...

Since my husband's job changes his schedule and I OFTEN stay up till 2 in the morning to see him come home... I end up eating a 4th time at 10pm. To be honest my favorite snack is a kashi granola bar or bowl of cereal (why does cereal taste so good at night?) so I'm going to improve myself this way:

no eating carbs after 7pm... yes this is a HUGE step for me... but I think it will pan out to be a great goal... and new habit!

Saturday, August 22, 2009

zoo dayz

I went to the zoo with my family yesterday... it's always fun to go out and experience life through "childlike eyes." We have a pass and my boys LOVE going to see all the animals. I don't mind, because I always end up straping a baby on and getting a good workout. :)...

Thursday, August 20, 2009

next food goal...any thoughts?

oh my goodness where did the week go? School started this monday and the hustle and bustle of getting my oldest (he's in 1st grade) to school has made things a bit crazier... but just the same I have kept on schedule!!! yay!!! I went for my 1.5mile walk today and even got in a 15minute upper body workout to boot. I have to say, working towards a goal (the marathon) instead of focusing on weight-loss has made working out more of a past time instead of a workout. I really am enjoying the journey...

So the exercise thing is just about down (at least as far as consistancy goes) and I am eating breakfast regularly. So what's next. Any thoughts? I need a new food-related goal for next week. So all of you, my healthy friends..... what should I tackle next?

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

mmmm that's good connotation

So I went for a walk with my neighbor today.. it was great, a couple miles down; we chatted and laughed... but when we got back it was time to get some lunch..the kids wanted pancakes!!! Yikes

The reason I cringe is because I ALWAYS seem to have a sweet tooth after a workout (don't ask me why) and pancakes, well I'm transported to my childhood when they are smathered in melted butter and maple syrup (I grew up in Maine where the maple syrup is untouchable)

So I indulged. Ok - I don't think foods the enemy now, BUT I do want to know - any ideas on a healthier alternative to my "childhood time-machine pancakes"?

Saturday, August 15, 2009

childbirth and health?

So, I was running yesterday (I'm still on schedule :) and I was thinking about all my friends and family who don't seem to struggle like I do, to bounce back after childbirth. I know that my health has been a real issue, so bad in fact, I've been advised to stop having children....I guess some of us can only have a few without falling apart. But as I wondered why we are all so different I couldn't help but wonder.....

is it genetics...or lifestyle?

We all know the healthier you are going into a pregnancy, the better the delivery and your term. So do people like me struggle because of our pre-existing bad health decisions? If I got back into great shape... could my body sustain childbirth again...and even better this time?

Friday, August 14, 2009

time for a treat...I've earned it :)

I found the greatest treat... last night I wanted some good old fashion ice cream (I love food - a bit of a weakness I'm afraid) and so my sister and I ran to Albertsons Grocery store... after about 10 minutes in the frozen section I found this frozen yogurt I thought I'd try. Peach flavored. I have to admit, I just loved it! It was smooth and creamy and had a sweetness that was perfect... not overpowering. And the best part, it was yogurt with active cultures so no "after dessert guilt".

I recommend you all take a chance to try it! mmmmmm yum

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

working out is actually kinda nice

walked last night and I'm much looser today, I'm feeling pretty good about this workout stuff, I am changing the goal a bit though... instead of 15 minutes everyday...I'm going for 30minutes+ 3x a far so good!

My friend swung by yesterday (she does marathons AND triathalons)we were chatting, I can't wait till I'm good enough to run with her! But for now I'm working on consistency and comfort level with distance. Wogging will have to do for now :)

a yummy snack using yogurt, cottage cheese , fruit and cereal

Sunday, August 9, 2009

New week same stinkin' goal.....

This week's goal - major failure I stunk!!! So what does that mean? I'll keep at it till I can do it:0) 15 minutes a day.... at least until I'm consistent

So for those of you who don't know... I've been talking about the Utah Valley marathon for next summer being my "made it" goal. I have always believed you should set goals based on effort not always performance, because your body can plateau even though you are doing what you should... you may not always see the results your looking for... so I have set some very specific goals to track my own success, and the mother of them all....the marathon next june!!!!

Now for those of you who think a year is far away and I'm setting my sights low... you should know that I did a 2 mile run today and I had to walk almost ALL of it... trust me I'll be needing the whole year!!!

I'd love to hear from anyone who's run one....any advice?

Thursday, August 6, 2009


Well monday went well, I walked all over the Zoo up and down those hills... saw the baby giraffe, and definately got in my 15 minutes. But the rest of the week has been less successful. My newborn doesn't want to let me do anything. And working out with her is not-so-easy.... any ideas on workouts I can do with a newborn?

Monday, August 3, 2009

Week 2's goal - try it with me :)

ok new week means new goal, but first a report on last week... I did pretty well actually. AND breakfast made a pretty big impact - it really gets you moving in the morning...and on a kashi note, I LOVE their cereals GoLean Crunch and Cinnamon Harvest are my absolute favorite... AND they are tasty enough to curb my morning sweettooth :)
so this weeks goal... lets see, I've started pretty small and am building up my lifestyle step by this week the goal is 15minutes of exercise every day! Of course I will continue to work on my breakfast goal as well.

Line upon line I will loose it all, and gain a whole new lifestyle...well, at least that's the idea! :)

Saturday, August 1, 2009

day 6 - Baked Potato Fries

yesterday was so busy...a dr.appointment first thing in the morning started things out and I finished the day with a belated baby shower and talking till late at night... My diet kinda stunk though...I DID get in breakfast though so I'll give myself a break I guess..:)

high - hanging out with friends
low - no low...just a good day

todays food for thought: if stress makes you gain weight and ruins your it better to eat whatever and relax about it, or eat just healthy food but stress about it?

Yummy salty fries without all the fat...

Baked Potato Fries

How: Spray calorie-free nonstick cooking spray in a roasting pan. Slice the potatoes and add salt and pepper and any seasonings you like.

Why: French fries are one of the most beloved foods in America, but a typical serving of French fries can contain about 600 calories. Leave the skins on because they provide all the essential nutrients, like potassium, vitamin C, fiber, and even protein. For a metabolism kick (spicy foods have been shown to temporarily increase metabolism) and a taste kids will love, try making spicy fries with a dash of cayenne pepper, garlic, and onion powder.

recipe found: