Saturday, November 7, 2009

long time no see.....

sorry blogging buddies, so we have discovered a little known fact - if you pee on a laptop, it won't work, yeah I said pee :0|

so about a week ago my sweet little guy awoke a bit early and stumbled into the living room to sleep on our couch. Well he had a little accident... which dripped down onto the laptop tucked in under the couch. Yuck - yeah you could say that again, way gross. Well it took us a week to dry, and try to fix the computer - no avail. So I come to you from the keyboard of a fancy shmancy new laptop...

and as if that was not enough - our fridge just broke down (another big purchase) but I will smile anyway and just move on... that's what savings are for - I suppose ;)

ok a quick recipe and off to bed - but tomorrow I will do a better post - promise :)

easy, yummy tomato soup and garlic grilled cheese

marinara sauce (bottled or homemade whatever you like)
evaporated milk in a can (way less fat than cream but still creamy)
fresh basil

In a sauce pan combine the sauce and the milk, then add a little fresh basil (and gnocchi if you have it)

sooo good!!! the perfect partner, grilled cheese of course.
1. Take some great wheat bread, or foccacia if you've got it.
2. Spread a little butter (or olive oil for less fat) sprinkle some garlic powder and dried basil. Place on your frying pan oiled side down.
3. Add your cheese - I like fresh mozzarella, asiago or an Italian blend all grated
4. add your top piece of bread.... or for less carbs stick the (oven safe) pan under the broiler to melt cheese and just eat open faced.

Trust me - you'll never have plain grilled cheese again :)


Diane Fit to the Finish said...

Yes, I can see where pee wouldn't be good for a laptop! And I learned that dropping it down an entire flight of stairs isn't so good either. :(

Glad you are back with your new toys!

Emily (The Experimentarian) said...

That. looks. amazing. And so easy! Even I won't mess with that one! xoxo

Anonymous said...

Glad you are back in the cyberworld...

Great recipes. Love your blog. I did visit the first time because of Steve's guest post, but now I am here just for you.

I will look forward to your posts.

By the way, thanks for the comment on my blog, it really made me feel better when I was down. The good news is my BF and I are back together. Loneliness gone!

lyricgirl said...

Happy to see you made it back. Not so funny story but it was different. Thanks for the recipe and the pictures was awesome. Thanks

Tammy said...

Good Lord that grilled cheese looks soooooo goood......damn. I'm going to try and keep from running to the kitchen to make one now!! lol

Guess what else isn't good for the laptop? Your 9 lb. puppy running across the mouse pad and keyboard every day. I found myself at Walmart yesterday buying a new mouse to plug into it because the one built into the laptop is having major issue now. :)

South Beach Steve said...

First of all, don't pee on your laptop again! :-) j/k I did read the rest, but it just isn't as funny.

I am glad to see you are back. I was really beginning to worry about you.

Also, you are going to have to quit putting pictures of food like this on your blog. My computer may quit working from all the saliva dripping on the keyboard. I agree with the others, that looks outstanding!

Robin said...

why does everything break at once?

beej said...

Wow, that COULD really foul up a computer. Take it from me, as a 4 year old, I thought it was a good idea to pee into the slot of an Atari 2600--not a good idea. :)

By the way, that soup sounds great!!