Tuesday, November 10, 2009

muscles and milestones

first of all I want to thank you ALL for your kind words and support - that was so nice to feel your concern. I have come to grips with this, I think.
my dear hubby really struggled watching me through this last pregnancy, my health problems continued to mount and I saw my tuff guy ex-marine melt when the doctors started to watch my liver. He was wonderful, rubbing my swollen legs, taking care of me while I was on bed rest for the last bit. When the baby came, she was premature. Her delivery was bad too, I won't bore you with the details of it all, but we're lucky to have her and I'm lucky to be here as well. So thanks Diane, but this one I think I'll leave alone. We're definitely done. As for the cleansing, here's what I've learned:

I gave my sweet bro-in-law a call (he works in fitness and has his degree as a nutritionist and trainer) I asked him, and here's what we decided. First off he believes my metabolism needs a kick start (something i damaged all those years with my eating disorder) his solution: eating EVERY 2.5 to 3 hours - NO EXCEPTIONS

I am to have a protein and a complex carb with each mini meal and I am not to miss a meal - ever!

he also suggested I start upping the veggies; I eat a lot as it is, but like steve suggested the more raw veggies you get in you, the cleaner you'll function. Slowly and subtly getting me to a healthy level without risking my milk.

ALSO just if you're curious he suggested I stop focusing on cardio for a while. He feels I would benefit most from building lean muscle mass for now with cardio still present, but taking a back seat.

Every pound of muscle burns 75 calories a day while in rest, so if we can just build 10 pounds of pure muscle, that's 750 calories a day...5,250 calories a week.....21,000 a month... well you get the idea :)
how many calories do you think this guy burns in rest?! yikes!!!


beej said...

Oh man, that picture cracked me up! So funny!

I'm glad you've developed a plan on your detox. Maybe you should join Twitter so you can post each time after you've eaten--we can help to keep you accountable? I'm twitter.com/jnonis look me up when you join.

Anonymous said...

oh wow. that is some serious beefcake. ....

Robin said...

ok seriously, that dude is gonna give me a heart attack, that's just not right.

Lori said...

Ewww.... that is way to much muscle!

Strength training is the way to go, I truly believe in it (although not to that steroid man's level LOL)

South Beach Steve said...

As much as I like seeing muscle definition, that is not what I like -- at all!

It sounds like you are putting together a good plan. I hope you get some great results from it.

Anonymous said...

wow! intense sinus relieving recipe! i'm going to try it tomorrow. i hope i don't choke and fumble! hahha. i'll let you know!

oh man, sinus blockage sucks BALLS!

Anonymous said...

just a random comment but how does that guy sleep comfortably at night and wat does he wear in everyday life lol! spandex only?