Wednesday, November 11, 2009

updates, heros and sweat...all in a good days work

happy veterans day folks - in honor of all the amazing men and women...parents and families who sacrifice SO much I just want to say THANK YOU SOOOOO MUCH!!!!

I need to focus on lean muscle tone and i found the ultimate workout website...

inspired? we go

steve, even you are going to be impressed with this little lady - it's stinking inspiring!!! of course she does like 4 reps and I get 1- but hey you gotta start some where

hot 100 update -
sleep - was doing great (baby is sick and keeps me up right now)
food - working to get in my 5 mini meals
water- most days I do alright. but I need to get it more consistent
exersice - um...repentant - but hey I'll work on it


beej said...

Thanks for another update! I'm sure we all understand your lack of exercise!

South Beach Steve said...

Good golly! That gal is intense! I love her squats - I need to try those Tabata style. I can't believe she was still able to talk at the end. :-)

I agree with the whole need for lean muscle tone. That is what I need more of too.

Thanks for the update.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing the website. I'll have to check it out! oh and I feel you on the exercising, lol. I really need to do better but it just seems like I've had so much going on lately! We will get it together soon, LOL!

Anonymous said...

That link frightened me ;-)

Keep on plugging away at your Hot 100 can do this!

Hope your baby is feeling better.