Friday, December 4, 2009

what?!? redheads...extinct?!?!?

I will be refraining this evening, from my usual crazy health ramblings to ramble on another subject. As you know, I'm a strawberry blond (you can see from the crazy photo to my right) and I am a natural redhead - no hair from a box for me. Now, I know that I'm a rarity... this is obvious to me, when no one makes products for red hair...whilst blonds and brunettes have their own shampoos, styling products, eyebrow pencils and more. But imagine my surprise when a sweet friend sent me an e-mail about an article she read in a medical journal...the extinction of the red head.

We are an anomalie, one that began as a mutation in Europe centuries ago, and one that (due to cross breading) is become more and more rare... less than 2%, in fact in the world. they predict that in 100 years - red heads will be no more, that it will be "bred" out of the gene pool...say it ain't so. Well I for one, hope they're wrong. I love my hair! I love the color, the reputation..whatever the costs, the mean names in grade school... I love it! And now when I look down on my lone redheaded child (my newborn daughter is a strawberry tart just like her mom - my two boys both toe heads) and I pray she keeps the gene and passes it along....because let's be honest:

what would the world be like, without redheads?


Emily (The Experimentarian) said...

Hey girl! Just catching up--looks like you've had a rough time of it recently! Isn't it interesting how we just need to out things in a spiritual perspective sometimes?

I did want to point out that a few days before your crappy day post, you had posted about how proud of yourself you were for accomplishing your goals and how good you were feeling. Goes to show you ARE making progress.

This is advice I have to give myself all the time--don't let Satan convince you that your body id the enemy--and it sounds like you did a great job refocusing.

And yes, three cheers for redheads!! xoxo

South Beach Steve said...

I would hate to see a world without redheads - especially strawberry blonds. I think most of these studies are a bunch of bunk anyhow. If you look at families with redheads in them, they usually have redheaded children, at least one of them.

dawne said...

Yay, your daughter will carry on the gene for your family. My baby sister is newly preggos and she is married to a red head...we're hoping...redheaded kids are sooo adorable!

Anonymous said...

As long as their is hair colour, there will be redheads. My son has black hair, but he also has many copper coloured hairs in there. It looks great.