Sunday, July 26, 2009

day 1

Ok so how'd I do today?

High - I had my breakfast around 9:20 (it was sunday and I slept in a bit) but I have to say it really started me off well. I felt good, and I had tons of energy this morning. I really think breakfast does have a huge impact on your day!

Low - I think I discovered something tonight that made me sad... I was frustrated with my kids tonight and although they WERE being little turkeys I was a lot less patient than I usually am.
After they all were in bed I sat back and wondered "why do I feel so unhappy tonight?" You know what - I traced it back to a moment after dinner tonight when I was looking through some unflattering photos on my camera, I looked so HUGE in some of the photos I really wanted to cry. I couldn't believe that being over weight actually made THAT kind of impact on my behavior, it got me wondering...

...are fit mothers, better mothers?

oh and that picture....well lets just say, I'm the chunky one on the right with my super cute sisters


Bryan and Helga said...

wow... that's how I've been feeling lately...I'm sorry!

I'd like to change that description to the beautiful one on the right! :)

Chris said...

I think it is a GREAT picture. There are many out there that would love to be your size. I think you beautiful.

mr. nonis said...

It'f unny how one aspect of our lives can impact other areas, huh? I don't have kids yet, but I know that when I'm unhappy with myself for whatever reason, I always take it out on Anna (my wife). She has such patience!

I'm sure your fmaily understands, and, most importantly? You know one of your triggers!

Bless you on your journey!