Wednesday, July 8, 2009

The Plan

I hope to achieve my goals by eating a balanced a diet and increasing my activity. I have made a plan to achieve this seemingly easy task... by turning to Kashi I will utilize their already balanced foods for my breakfast, lunch, and snacks. Then I will focus on light dinners of simple salads, soups etc.

I believe that by focusing on whole grains, simple proteins and balanced friuts and veggies i will not only feel better, but my energy will increase allowing me to pursue the active lifestyle I so desperately want!

Follow my journey as I transform my lifestyle from "heavy homemaker" to "active mommy"... my belief that approaching my weight loss goals with a focus on health instead of weight will not only improve my apprearance but more importantly it will transform my life.

I have turned to Kashi for this transformation because I believe their philosophy of Whole Foods will not only give me the nutrition I need but their 7 whole grains will give me the energy I need too.

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mr. nonis said...

I'm glad I found another "member" of our community! Great, not I have to read through another person's back story! ;)

From the looks of it, you have great plan--I can't wait to read all your posts and see your progress!