Wednesday, July 29, 2009

day 3

ok so another day another dollar... let's see

highs - deffinately staying up late playing scattegories with my sisters - I really think you should make your friends... family; and your family... your best friends. It's the only way to find true happines.

low - real low to be honest, I guess staying up with a crying infant, but to be honest I'm starting to get used to it :)

todays question...if you have support around you...can you ever really drop the ball?


Bryan and Helga said...

Thanks for such a fun night! I'm glad I was there to be a part of the fun! I sure love you! Your doing great keep it up!

my answer.... well if you do someone will be there to pick it up for you, toss it back and give you the added strength you need. :)

I know i'm far away but please call if you need anything! xoxo

mr. nonis said...

Having family as your firends is so great! My twin brother is my best friend, and I wouldn't have it any other way.