Tuesday, September 15, 2009

mmmm roasted chicken

mmmmm yummy. one of my favorite blogs is GOOP by Gweneth Paltrow. Not usually into celebrity type stuff, but she has some intersting ideas on health. I really love the recipes I have tried, and thought you guys would enjoy checking her out.

for the complete recipe:


Alyssa said...

I have got to figure out why I don't like cooking!!! I thinking I am missing some seriously important female DNA.
PS.. Way to go on your 39 pounds girl

Friend of the Bear said...

Hi Natalie. Thanks for your comment. I'm sad you have suffered with EDs, but it's great you're not passing it on to your children. More parents need to be aware of how negative it can be to obsess over food and body size in any direction. It leads to children who can never be normal with food and never feel at ease with themselves.

A lot of people also don't realise that someone who has had a restrictive ED can also go in the opposite direction. A horrible legacy.

Hope you don't mind me leaving this remark here but I couldn't find your email.

When I saw the video at first I thought it must be you! I was disappointed to find it was Gwynnie!

Hope you are managing to get enough sleep. Life is really rough when you're exhausted and I certainly crave sugary things a lot more when I'm tired.

Best wishes,
Bearfriend xx