Sunday, September 27, 2009

no rest for the weary...

My daughter's sick, which in 'mommy terms' means, I was up every 2 hours last night with her. So even though I went to bed early, I still just managed a few hours of shut eye.

Why do we as parents feel everything our kids feel? It's the truest form of empathy, my son falls off the dinner table, I swear my head hurt too; my daughter stays up all night hacking away and MY lungs feel on fire. Is the connection between parent and child so great that we experience everything through their eyes?... and if so what does that mean in reverse?

If I can feel what my son feels, then he too has a deeper connection with me and can sense my healthy and unhealthy connections with the world, people...even food. Makes you pause and wonder. At least for me, it makes me want to overcome my weird relationship with food and conquer the whole crazy body image thing. I definitely believe you must BE the qualities you want your children to have.... well enough philosophising, I gotta get to work - lots to fix! :0) night yall

2nd day update:
sleep: 6 hours (in bed by 11)
exercise: rest day
water: 45 oz ( I did better josie!)
7 am - Kashi GoLean Crunch Cereal
10:30am - Large roast beef sandwich with extra veggies and light miracle whip
1pm - 2 cup salsa (homemade) 25 tortilla chips - cup of milk
6pm - steak and chicken (4 oz of each)
salad, squash,green beans, asparagus
(I waited too long - I was starving)
7:30 pm - Piece of Chocolate Oreo Cake
(hey, it's technically NOT breaking any goals... I promise I won't make it a habit though)


Friend of the Bear said...

Hi Natalie. So sorry that your daughter's been ill. Hope it clears up soon.

Love the picture of the poorly ted - reminds me of The Bear. When he's ill he gets into bed and pulls the covers up to his nose!

Best wishes,
Bearfriend xx

Anonymous said...

Sorry about your little one - that's alwasys so hard when they get sick. I feel connected to my kids, too. Sometimes I just feel so overwhelmed with THEIR emotions. Strange.

Yum Yucky said...

Bravo on the water! But did you have to mention roast beast sammies? (yes, they're beastly delicious)

Sick little ones are no fun. Terrible, actually. I hope you BOTH get some rest today. Be well in every way, my friend!