Monday, September 28, 2009

so I'm standing in my kitchen staring at the huge mess that I have the pleasure of cleaning (wishing I lived in a smaller apartment) and it occurs to me... I can clean, OR I can munch on the treats in the cupboard I've been avoiding all weekend.

Let's see,
door number 1: a clean kitchen, a happy hubby, and the satisfaction of a job well done
door number 2: the sweet comforting goodness of junk food, larger theighs and two seats on my next cross-country flight....what to choose?

As I sat down (surrounded in a wrapping wasteland of 7 mini reeses cups, 2 mini milkyways and a Kashi Pumpkin Spice granola bar) I wondered...since the thought of cleaning makes me want to cheat, could I save thousands on gym memberships if I just hired a cleaning lady? Just a little food for thought :)

3rd day update:
sleep: 6 hours (in bed by 12:35)
exercise: rest day
water: 60 oz ( a little extra to wash down my junk food binge)
8 am - Kashi Autumn HarvestCereal
11:30am - Kashi Southweststyle Chicken
1:30pm - 1 cup mixed green balsamic dressing
2 cups homemade chicken and wild rice soup
2:156pm - vanilla Dilly Bar (my hubby brought home from an ice cream trip with my 3 yr old)
5:15pm - 7 mini reeses cups, 2 mini milkyways and a Kashi Pumpkin Spice granola bar
6:30 pm -Kashi Chicken Pasta Pomodoro (back on the wagon! whew)


lyricgirl said...

Funny post! How about hiring a housekeeper that is a weight trainer. Wait! that might not be a bad job. Enjoy!

South Beach Steve said...

Cleaning the kitchen is a losing battle for me. If I clean, I tend to want to eat up the food that needs to be put back in the cabinets. :-) Mini Reeses - it is good these are not in my house!

Anonymous said...

Yes! Hire the cleaning lady! I was at Sam's Club yesterday walking past all the Halloween candy and OMG, having such a hard time already trying not to buy 5 POUNDS of junk! And it's not even October yet. AGHHHH!

Diane, Fit to the Finish said...

Yes - a cleaning lady is definitely the way to go! Now you can just explain to your husband why you totally need one. (Good luck!)

Take care, now the bad food is gone from the house - right?

natalie a said...

I wish - unfortunately mommy is the only chunky monkey in the house Dad and both boys (6 and 3) are fit as fiddle, they eat whatever they want and never have any even though we generally eat really healthy there is still no shortage of 'treats' for the occasional sweet tooth.

266 said...

Thanks for comming by my blog today and commenting! I am constantly surprised by how much support I get from people in the blogosphere. Today was a minor bump... don't worry too much about it. Stick with your plan the majority of the time and soon we'll both get to where we want to be!!!

mr. nonis said...

A little speed bump, but no worries--you're doing a great job!

But man, you've GOT to drink more water! :) What else do you drink throughout the day?