Monday, October 5, 2009

bad news sends kashi girl over the edge

Let's just say, today was a rough one. But despite hearing some really terrible news (we lost the house we wanted to buy) I still managed to keep my emotional eating under control...well somewhat.

Of course when my sweet friend heard the news (she knows how long we've been waiting for this) she rushed over with a sweet card and my favorite treat, a mint chocolate truffle bar. SOOO GOOD. I put it aside, but later when my usual comfort food of chips and salsa didn't perk me up, I indulged and ate the whole bar (they're 3 inches long). Even though I know I shouldn't have eaten it, I am happy to see that I nursed it for a good half hour instead of eating the whole thing in 4 great, big, gooey, bites. I guess that's a step in the right direction... right:)?

Things are a little chaotic here, we have a 5 people in a 600sq.ft. apartment including 1 very demanding newborn. The whole country has cheap houses for sale EXCEPT in the one town we're looking, there are bidding wars! yesh
However, I am a deeply religious person and I DO believe this didn't work out for a reason, I just wish that we could finally settle down somewhere and move past this crazy transitional stage... oh well, onward and upward. :)

So here's the breakdown:
6 hours got to bed at 2pm (my hubby had a really hard day at work and needed me when he got off his swing shift)
I did the 500 calorie burn workout from sunday - wasn't dying this time...good sign
honestly I don't know - it's been a rough day... at least 30 oz
9am Kashi Autumn Harvest cereal
12pm Kashi Mayan Harvest Bake with jalapenos mmmm.
2 pm cheese stick and 3 sunsweet prunes
3:20pm a little comfort food snacking including 2 cups homemade salsa and who knows how many totilla chips
4:00 mint truffle bar
6:00pm Kashi Pesto Pasta Primavera
8:00 pm 2 sunsweet pitted prunes

eh - could've been worse, could've been better


South Beach Steve said...

Kashi, I am sorry to read you had a bad day. Isn't is odd how everything in the world can be going great (i.e., cheap houses abound) except where we are?

Friend of the Bear said...

Hi Natalie. So sorry to hear about the house. I think you did well in the circumstances not to completely throw it to the wall. In fact I think you were very restained. Not a perfect diet day, but you didn't let emotional eating take over.

I really hope you find another house that suits your family. Like you say, it just wasn't meant to be and we don't know what's round the next corner.

Best wishes,
Bearfriend xx

MS. Bad Mama Jama said...

Sorry to hear that things didn't go as you hoped.

What do you think of the Kashi Mayan Bake? I didn't care for the Kashi Pesto meal one bit.

natalie a said...

well my mama jama friend, I think the myan bake was pretty good, not spicy enough for me though - I like to add jalapenos for a kick. I love the sweet potatoes but the plantains aren't my favorite part of this dish, still pretty good for a frozen dinner.

as for the pesto pasta, I have added some sliced grape tomatoes before and cooked them with the meal, also some fresh mozzerella or basil can change it up a bit. I like pasta and pesto, so for me it hits the spot.

I guess I just like the mindlessness of not worrying 'what should I eat' and feeling good about the healthiness of the meal.

Diane, Fit to the Finish said...

Oh - I'm soooo sorry about the house not working out. I hate things like that, because even now after all these years of maintenance, I still have to stop myself from grabbing chocolate as comfort.

You did fine on your little chocolate break. A little chocolate, eaten slowly isn't the end of the world!

Take care, and I hope that you will find the house that is out there for you. 600 sq ft for 5 of you? My hat is off to you!

mr. nonis said...

I'm so sorry you lost out on that house. But I agree, there's probably a reason you ,issed out on it. Hang in there, God will provide!

And, yeah, nursing the chocolate bar instead of chomping it down = BIG WIN!