Wednesday, October 14, 2009

focus on the goal and the path will present itself...

ok... um I have to share that the decision to share that most unflattering pic with all of you was a last minute decision last night. I really wavered back n' forth on that one. BUT I finally decided I had to be completely honest about where I am today in order to move forward.

I know I have mentioned this all before but I really have spent a lot of time contemplating who I want to be at the end of this whole experience... who is my ideal self?

Who is your ideal self? What do they do, think, say? How do they react to a dissapointment? How do they attack their goals? How do they interact with their family? What do they fill their time with? I could go on and on.....

I think this has given me a new energy, instead of focusing on what I should do or not do, I ask myself "what would my ideal self do?"

I promise I won't beat a dead horse with this, but I just want to share this amazing feeling with you guys, I want to shout from the roof tops ... I want you to feel it too!


Robin said...

My idea self? That is a good question. I'm not sure I could answer that in a comment, I might have to make that a post.

Friend of the Bear said...

Hi Natalie. Very interesting post. Looks like you are ready to formulate a new vision of yourself both internal and external. A great feeling indeed! Very exciting to think what you could become on all levels.

I would have to give this considerable thought before I could come up with any answers myself though - the difficulty being the difference between what I'd like to be and what I actually can be. Very big gulf there!

Hope you are having a great day,
Bearfriend xx

Staci Dombroski said...

My ideal self would be someone who is comfortable with their body and healthy. Good post, thank you for sharing!