Friday, October 9, 2009

Hot 100 friday check-in

I always think "I'll be better at ____ when ____" like now, for instance, I keep thinking, "when we have a bigger place, it will be easier to workout" "or sleep" etc. but I'm learning to find peace now - and work harder to be the person I expect... even though my enviroment isn't ideal I still need to up my game, improve, grow.

I have found that lately (maybe because of the serious lack of sleep) I'm more irritable than usual, and short tempered - but equally I have seen a downturn in my motivation... is sleep really this detrimental? I have got to find a way to slip it in more often, or deeper, with a newborn, a 3 year old, and a hubby on swings....any ideas?

I won't give up though - every goal or change comes slowly with ups and downs - so I will continue to look for answers and plug along... even if it feels like a snails pace at least it's still forward :)
In fact this week I've made some great changes, I am holding a 5 minute devotional (if you will) in the morning with my family before we send our oldest off to school - nothing impressive we just read 2 scriptures and say a little prayer - wow what a difference it has made, already I have seen my dispostion improve and my patience level increase. It's funny, I never realized how my desire to get healthier has really expanded in all other areas of my life.
I have also been working harder to connect with my sweetheart, I have tried to do something nice for him each day - so even though my 'health' goals aren't so impressive - overall I still feel really good about my growth over the week - stand back I'm just getting started :)

this weeks goals:
sleep - major improvement needed - I'd like to average 7 hours
exercise - getting it in 3 times - I'd like to do it more though but we'll do that when I have mastered these othergoals
water - averaging about 50oz/day it should be more like 100
food - I need to watch this, I was doing well, but I have slipped back into old routeins where I only eat 2 times..big meals..not a good combo


mr. nonis said...

I love that you added devotionals and doting on your hubby--these are great goals! It's great that you're looking at health in a more whole view. Love it!

(And now I"m all caught up! Love the blog)

Anonymous said...

Glad you are finding peace. It is hard to be happy with what you have. It seems even as I get more, I'm still wanting more than that last thing. It never ends. And so, you come to realization that it's better to be happy with where you're at now. Count your blessings may be a cliche, but it works.

Karyn said...

I live in a 1000sq. foot house with a hubby, 3 teenagers, 2 cats and a dog and NO basements. Just one level home. I know exactly how you feel about more room! ;)

I wanted to let you know about the Wii Fit. The aerobics games do make me sweat especially if I focus on working my body. Plus they are FUN! I play them enough that I can burn 400-500 cals in an hour and I am satisfyingly tired.
The yoga is great too but, not so much sweat wise. :)

Friend of the Bear said...

Hi Natalie. You're overhauling your whole life not just your body! And that's brilliant because the happier and calmer you are the easier it will be to eat healthily.

Just keep shooting for those goals.

Best wishes,
Bearfriend xx

South Beach Steve said...

Kashi, I second Beej, I love that you have added a devotional to your morning routine. My wife and I were just talking about how we needed to get back to doing this.

Regarding sleep - have you thought about power naps. For me they work wonders. There is a limit though. If I actually fall asleep then I am done for, but if I can get to that ultra relaxed state for just a few minutes without actually going into full fledged sleep, then I am ready to go again.

My 3 Month Challenge said...

It is so strange! The same goes for me, how you said that changes aimed at better health have expanded into other areas of your life. It's like we are trying to make so many changes for the better, and wonder why we haven't started earlier :)