Tuesday, October 13, 2009

the new me

Sorry about the hiatus, I have been fighting a killer staph infection (MRSA) since may and it just laid me out this weekend. I can feel the energy draining from me as it flares up again, (a little gift from the hospital when I delivered my daughter.)

However, on Sunday I took the most amazing stroll (about 3.4 miles)and re-connected with nature and myself. I realized that even though it has been increasingly difficult to workout, or stay on an eating schedule - sleep schedule etc. I HAVE to do this for my family, for myself!

Every family has a foundation and my husband and I make up the base for ours. I KNOW without a doubt that when I am not healthy, not focused, not in complete control of myself and my actions I jeopardize that foundation. I weaken my family, because I weaken myself.

I also am learning that you must prove you can not just 'handle' what you currently have but excell where you are; before God, the universe, Karma (whatever you call it) can trust you to handle more. It's just the natural order to things. I think the reason why we have not been successful in moving on from this stage of life is because we haven't proven (not even to ourselves) that we are above it. That we have masterd this level and are ready for the next... I think this is true in all areas of our lives.

I know that I am getting better at all of this; and not because I'm focusing on the goals either, but because I'm seeing myself as more. As above it, and naturally am begining to shift over into a healthier more balanced life.

Sure I mess up, and yeah it's still hard to get my workouts and meals in - BUT the new me can handle it all. She is confident and possitive about her future and KNOWS that when the opportunity to move beyond this comes.... she'll be ready :)
well gotta go - the new me is getting to bed tonight before 10:30pm... no matter what! :)


South Beach Steve said...

Welcome to the new you! I hope you were able to get in bed on time, but more than that, I hope this same energy resonates again today!

Make it an absolutely wonderful day!

Diane, Fit to the Finish said...

I love the new you!! I'm sorry that infection is still bothering you. That's scary isn't it?

Congratulations on making a mind transformation. You are worthy of getting healthy and passing on positive habits to your family.

Take care,

Robin said...

hi new you!!

Yum Yucky said...

Oh wow. Except for the MRSA part, it's like I wrote this post myself! I'm coming into this same point in my life. It's a wonderful thing.

As for MRSA, the Doc diagnosed our son with it last year and we went into freak mode. But wait. It turned out to be poison ivy. What an idiot Doc. ARGH!

Friend of the Bear said...

Hi Natalie. Thanks for your sweet comment. I think you have a great philosophy on all this. To just focus on what you can achieve at this moment in time. That means that every day can be a winner.

I love the way that achieving health for you is about the foundation of your existence, something very deep. That moves it way beyond simply wanting to get into a smaller size or having a flat stomach.

I'm sure that this is the key to longer term success that eludes so many.

Hope you had a good nights sleep!

Best wishes,
Bearfriend xx

mr. nonis said...

Wow! Great work. Nice pic. keep up the good work!

Yikes. MRSA. That's some crazy stuff! I hope that gets better.