Sunday, October 18, 2009

A time to reap and a time to other words IT'S PLAY TIME!!!!

ok - so most of you have heard - we are going for a family vacation this week, and not just any vacation - but the FIRST one since our honeymoon 9 years ago! So what did we think would be an appropriate destination?
- why our honeymoon spot (of course) Disneyland!!!!!!

I know what you're thinking, Disneyland - for your honeymoon? Heck ya!!! I'm not one of those laze around the beach kinda gals, first off I HATE to wear a swim suit (seriously, can't we bring back the ankle-length one piece?) and if I wanted to lay around on a vacation, I'd just stay home and lay on my comfy couch. NO - I will go and experience something, try something new, or (in this case) ride every attraction in the park!!! YAY - Sorry for the outburst of elation, but we've been saving for this trip since 2005.... that's right no debt for us - every single thing is paid for before hand!!!

So I have already written some fun posts for this week; and I have some crazy awesome guest posters coming on to fill in the gaps - but don't you fret my friends out in blog land - when I return, I will read ALL of your blogs and reply to all comments!!!

But right now I'm just curious to know.... what's you ideal vacation? Family or Romantic, Adventure or Relaxation? If I gave you a blank check to get away ANYWHERE in the world... (heck lets think big) Universe - where would you go?
(oh and who would you take - my favorite part of a getaway is the company :)


Anonymous said...

Disneyland sounds like so much fun! We're savers, too, so it'll be awhile before we can get there, but I can't wait to go.

My ideal vacation involves two scenarios, one with kids and one without. I love going places with just my husband because it allows me to focus on just him. But, I love taking my kids places so they get exposed to new things. Anyway, we're trying to arrange a Home Exchange to London next summer. Right now, that's my ideal.

Hope you have a great time - take lots of pictures!

Friend of the Bear said...

Hi Natalie.

My ideal vacation ... I haven't had a holiday since my early 20s. But I saw Florence on a TV programme about the 18th Century Grand Tour recently and I would love to go there. Anything involving connecting with history is great for me.

I went to Italy several times as a child and once we went to Pompei, but it didn't do anything for me! Just a load of rubble! Disappointingly there were no people turned to stone.

I would also quite like to go back to Yugoslavia which I went to 3 times as a child (when it was under communism) and see how it has changed. I was lucky enough to see Dubrovnic - a walled Medieval City - which was severely damaged during the war but has apparently been rebuilt.

There are many ancient places on the continent I would like to explore - but only out of season because I can't stand the heat.

Hope you have a dreamy holiday!

Best wishes,
Bearfriend xx

MS. Bad Mama Jama said...

Have Fun! I love Disney. The first and only time I've been was when I was 18. We had a blast. I never thought that we could have that much fun - grown up.

I love traveling...One of my favorite locations is Miami...It's got everything...beaches, good restaurants, culture & museums, entertainment...

Lindsay said...

Have a fun trip!

If I could go anywhere, I would go to Ireland with my husband. We have both always wanted to go there!

Yum Yucky said...

Family vaca for sure! I love to watch my kids laugh and play and enjoy themselves. And no, we've never been on vacation. :(

I'd love to go to Universal Studios. So when are you writing out that check???

Staci Dombroski said...

That is hilarious because the last vacation my husband and I went on was Disneyworld! He received a free trip from his company to go anywhere, and he chose Disneyworld! Have a great time on your vacation :-)

Tammy said...

I haven't been to Disneyworld since my senior trip in high school, so it's been 20 years!! Love that place. :)

I love the beach. Was born and raised in Jax, FL so the beach is part of my soul. Dwayne loves it as much as I ideal (affordable) vacation is Dwayne, me and my puppy Scarlette on the beach on Hilton Head Island, SC or Destin, FL for a week (with no phone).

If money were no object, I'd go to Ireland, Greece, Rome, Scotland, England...and many tropical beach hideaways as well. :)

lyricgirl said...

Hello Nat,

The giraffe is my all time favorite animal on earth. My dream is to run with them in Africa one day before I die. I call them my lucky charms.

You will have a total blast at Disneyland and California Adventures. I was just there back in July with a group of my friends all over 40. It really is the happiest place on earth. Make sure you check out the "bugs life show" and small world. Downtown Disney is a really cool place to hangout after a busy day in the park. Enjoy!

My all time favorite vacation would be a 7 day spa vacation at a luxury resort. I would have a massage with Vichy shower schedule everyday. I love to be pampered myself.

Well, you enjoy your vacation and be safe. Welcome to California!

South Beach Steve said...

If I could go on any vacation in the world it would probably be to the Holy Lands for a two week tour.

I hope you and your family have a great time!

mr. nonis said...

What fun! Anna and I went to disneyland last October, and she's been pining to go again. It's such a great place. I was really impressed with how much they do to make the experience the best time for everyone. Have fun!