Friday, October 23, 2009

The Evil Last Cookie

this guest post provided by:Josie @

I didn't eat the first one or any in between, but oh no, it's the Last Cookie. The package was opened and closed, opened and closed, and now this is all that remains. Last Cookie is partially crumbled, most likely stale, and was touched by grimy kids' hands. Maybe dropped on the floor and put back?

I don't have a clue about Last Cookie's history, but it's calling me at a vulnerable time. I've got those after work hunger pangs and dinner isn't brewing yet.

I opened the package and stared at last cookie with the intention to talk myself down. Yes, I know all about eating small meals throughout the day, trading in empty calorie crap for fibrous fruit, and posing as a Water Gulping contestant; all in an effort to prevent this situation. But these techniques have no power over Last Cookie. Why can't Last Carrot or Last Yogurt have the same grip over me?

I analyzed this atrocity and had a profound revelation. The woo-ing effect of Last Cookie is a bunch of crap. It's a mirage that tells lies. Take a bite (because that's what I did) and it's not even good. It's nasty and stale because it's Last Cookie.

I need to get a grip. And so I will.
I need to stop buying Oreos. And so I might.

Josie has a witty blog full of great little nuggets of wisdom and fun, I always get a smile, a chortle, a laugh when I check out her blog - please do the same - thanks Josie! - natalie


South Beach Steve said...

I really like Josie's blog too. Thanks for inviting her to guest post!

Yum Yucky said...

Oh great. The cookies is calling me again...but I feel strong today. Time for a power walk! xoxo

The Woman said...

Great post! Josie rocks.

Jody - Fit at 51 said...

Josie, you know my love of cookies BUT not packaged ones UNLESS they are those homemade ones you find places.. not the Oreos or anything. Thank goodness or I would be in trouble! I have to go out & but the ones I like & that is for today, treat cookie day for me!

Angelia Sims said...

Josie, the cookies, they speak to me too. But really? You only had a bite? Grimy, or not I think ONE bite would have been the whole cookie. Good job on holding down the greedy.

mr. nonis said...

Yeah! Josie's blog is great!