Monday, August 3, 2009

Week 2's goal - try it with me :)

ok new week means new goal, but first a report on last week... I did pretty well actually. AND breakfast made a pretty big impact - it really gets you moving in the morning...and on a kashi note, I LOVE their cereals GoLean Crunch and Cinnamon Harvest are my absolute favorite... AND they are tasty enough to curb my morning sweettooth :)
so this weeks goal... lets see, I've started pretty small and am building up my lifestyle step by this week the goal is 15minutes of exercise every day! Of course I will continue to work on my breakfast goal as well.

Line upon line I will loose it all, and gain a whole new lifestyle...well, at least that's the idea! :)


Karinne said...

OMGosh, I've made the SAME goal for myself lately. I cannot eat breakfast, I've never been able to. It's makes me sick... so I drink meal replacement shakes. It's better than nothing and I've noticed a difference.

mr. nonis said...

Great additional goal!