Saturday, August 15, 2009

childbirth and health?

So, I was running yesterday (I'm still on schedule :) and I was thinking about all my friends and family who don't seem to struggle like I do, to bounce back after childbirth. I know that my health has been a real issue, so bad in fact, I've been advised to stop having children....I guess some of us can only have a few without falling apart. But as I wondered why we are all so different I couldn't help but wonder.....

is it genetics...or lifestyle?

We all know the healthier you are going into a pregnancy, the better the delivery and your term. So do people like me struggle because of our pre-existing bad health decisions? If I got back into great shape... could my body sustain childbirth again...and even better this time?


Diane, Fit to the Finish said...

For me, I think it was lifestyle. I had three children in my obese days, and four children after I lost all my weight.

I never lost the weight after the first three, but instead gained weight between each of them.

With the last four, I gained quite a bit of weight, but got it off after each one.

You will be able to get it off. Your baby isn't that old, so give yourself some time!!! It probably took me an average of 6 months to get my weight all the way back down after each pregnancy.

You are doing amazingly well!


Karinne said...

Hey, sistah! I just got on here, and I haven't checked anything out yet. BUT, keep up the hard work. Give yourself time and praise. It's HARD, esp the more kids you have. I love you and you are the best. I have total confidence in you to do whatever you want in life. You are a strong, beautiful person. Yay for you!

Carly Lynne Peterson said...

So excited that you found my weight loss site...reading yours makes me want to blog my journey a little closer!! I will definitely keep up to date with yours!!!


Yum Yucky said...

I have four children. One in youth, another in older age. One in healthiness, the other as I indulged in junk food.

I was healthiest with my last at age 36 and bounced back quick. I was running a miler just 3 weeks after the c-section (but don't do that). Problem is, although healthy, it was 9 months of hell because of my age. It took a serious toll on my body. Very draining, despite my healthy ways.

Bryan and Helga said...

I'm only a mother of one but I tried to be good while I was pregnant. I exercised and didn't ever pull the pregnancy card to indulge although it wasn't super fun to not eat ice cream and pizza, chips and salsa everyday I think it paid off. Soo.. from my experience and those I've heard from others I'd have to say lifestyle had A LOT to do with it however health also obviously has something to say as well!
I Love you so much Natalie! I know that you can do whatever you put your mind to! I'm no doctor but I'd say stick to your goals you have to correct your lifestyle where you'd like to. You'll get in the shape you are working toward and then play it by ear. I know with hard work and prayers all things are possible! Your doing great!!