Tuesday, August 18, 2009

mmmm that's good connotation

So I went for a walk with my neighbor today.. it was great, a couple miles down; we chatted and laughed... but when we got back it was time to get some lunch..the kids wanted pancakes!!! Yikes

The reason I cringe is because I ALWAYS seem to have a sweet tooth after a workout (don't ask me why) and pancakes, well I'm transported to my childhood when they are smathered in melted butter and maple syrup (I grew up in Maine where the maple syrup is untouchable)

So I indulged. Ok - I don't think foods the enemy now, BUT I do want to know - any ideas on a healthier alternative to my "childhood time-machine pancakes"?


Bryan and Helga said...

first of all sorry I haven't been the best support on this blog, when I get home and have my own computer I promise to be better!

Since I shared your childhood with you back in maple paradise I also love pancakes(or waffles) and syrup. :) YUMMY! anyway I found this really yummy sugar free syrup! I know it sounds grose since syrup is sugar but its good and way WAY better for you. I don't remember the name of it but I will check as soon as I get back to Logan this weekend! You can always add a little wheat and then I never feel as guilty when I indulge!

Does that help? :)

Ohhh.... AND good work on the walk! It sounds like you had a great time!

sian said...

Maybe try pancakes with w/w flour and add some sugar free surup..that should keep you sweet tooth at bay!

mr. nonis said...

I'm a sucker for all things breakfast!

I've found a whole wheat pankcake mix at my local grocery store...and I know Trader Jos's carries another version (not sure if there's one near you)...maybe try some peanut butter (natural) on your pancakes with SF syrup...I think that's pretty tasty!