Thursday, August 27, 2009

you are what you eat.... yikes!

ok... so confession time! The last 2 days have stunk! I really think what you start the day with... makes a HUGE difference.

So after my post on tues. I needed a little breakfast... my kashi cereal was all gone!!! yikes, so I tried some of my son's reeses pops creal. HUGE DIFFERENCE... first of all 1 bowl, not enough. I needed 2, AND soooo sweet! In fact I craved "crap" food all day long! I had french fries and a ch. burrito at lunch (not so good) and even at dinner I completely lost my whole heath mentality and sucked back some spaghetti and meat sauce WITH bread on the side!!! Not that all pasta is bad (in fact I mix organic white with wheat so my kids get more of the good stuff) but usually I would have a little pasta with a huge salad to balance it out. No salad, just toast - white toast to make it even worse!

And wed. was just as bad, although I HAVE been keeping my current goal (no carbs after7) I haven't been careful with the intake during the day. AND WORSE I haven't really ran much in the past 4 days... :(

So last night I took a long walk with a friend... truth be told we gabbed the whole time, and our pace stunk - but it was just what I needed to get back on the wagon. Today I have been doing pretty great, and I'm happy to on :)

(oh and the pic... consider it my gift to you - just a little added motivation ;)wink


Diane, Fit to the Finish said...

Reese cereal is just dessert isn't it?!! One time we bought that and my kids thought they had died and gone to heaven! The box lasted half of breakfast.

It definitely makes a huge difference what kind of calories you are eating!!

Yum Yucky said...

I actually said "Yikes!" when I saw the pic, then I read your title, and it said the very same thing. I want to LOL about it, but maybe that's the wrong response. It did Yike me, though.